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About Lolaark Vision Inc

Video streams for drones or dash cams and camera-based AI applications, such as “auto-pilots” or assisted driving devices often lose clarity due to visibility problems caused by rain, snow, fog, or by lack of light as in nighttime. Lolaark Vision Inc. is a software technology company that is inventing and developing software for live video stream visibility restoration that helps the driver or a vehicle operator or an automated system to view and recognize potential risks. Lolaark Vision’s prototype technology is established beyond proof-of-concept and has reached the translation to market stage.

Lolaark Vision’s proprietary technology was invented by Dr. Sanat Kumar Upadhyay as part of a research project with co-inventor Prof. Emanuel I. Papadakis of the University of Houston, in Texas, USA. It is founded on several sophisticated mathematical models and algorithmic implementations enabling visibility restoration or enhancement in a broad number of adverse visibility conditions and for all digital cameras. Our software improves the visibility of scene structures in still photography and recorded or live stream video, in a way that makes shapes easily recognizable even when they are not even visible in the original input.

Lolaark Vision Inc. has an active and novel research and development program and its team draws expertise from several scientific disciplines. We have an active research group in Imaging Science, Data Analytics, Deep Learning Neural Networks, and Applied Fourier Analysis. Our goal is to advance our software prototypes and transform them into unique plugin apps for drone navigation, autonomous cars, and camera inspections with underwater submersible vehicles and divers in port, river, and lake waters.

We envision creating revolutionary products that will elevate operational safety and reduce the exposure of human operators to risks associated with improper scene perception due to poor imaging conditions. The biggest value we see in our products is their impact on making communities and transportation safer, reducing uncertainties and, saving time in inspections of marine infrastructure.

Founders and Directors
  • Prof. Emanuel Papadakis, Ph.D.
    Prof. Emanuel Papadakis, Ph.D. President and Treasurer
  • Sanat Kumar Upadhyay, Ph.D.
    Sanat Kumar Upadhyay, Ph.D. Vice President & Chief Technology officer
  • Randy Gagnon
    Randy Gagnon Secretary, Expert in Commercial Diving Industry
  • Dipendra K. Singh, Ph.D.
    Dipendra K. Singh, Ph.D. Business Adviser, Serial entrepreneur
External Consultants
  • Wesley Guntharp
    Wesley Guntharp Domain Expert in Commercial Diving