Invest now in Lolaark Vision

Join us in making the invisible visible!

We invite people to invest in our very first crowdfunding campaign. Our novel technologies are poised to disrupt industries where vision is the number one factor for efficient and safe operations. Autopilots, navigation and inspection systems need to restore imaging quality when visibility conditions are poor due to factors such as fog, haze, or darkness.

These industries have a rapidly growing market. The global autonomous vehicles market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 39.47% in the next five years. Drone services and video surveillance markets are growing even more rapidly.

Such heavy dependence of our society on vision based machines necessitates that we make them safe and reliable for the operator as well as for people in the vicinity. From helicopter pilots to commercial divers, from self driving cars to remotely operated vehicles, our technology is set to become a game changer in real time video and image processing applications. Invest today, and be a part in making the invisible visible.