Clarifier for IP Cameras (Ethernet Connection)

Tired of a hazy video in turbid water? Then Clarifier 1.0 is the solution you longed for. The Clarifier largely removes water turbidity effects and enhances shapes for clearer and crisp underwater camera inspections even in the harshest conditions. The Clarifier works in real time. Increases visual clarity by a factor of 2-3* on average. Expands the visibility radius by at least 40% even in highly turbid environments. Performance independently verified by ABS in 7 inches of horizontal visibility.

  • In less turbid environments these improvement factors increase.
  • The Clarifier cuts inspection time by 50% on average.
  • Works independently from navigation systems.
  • For topside external connection use ethernet connectors RJ45 and internet switch 100Mbps (connectivity instructions shown in
  • Works with UDP, RTP, and RTSP cameras with high bit rate cameras. Suitable for Blue ROV cameras.
  • Low latency
  • Resolution up to 1920×1080, at 30 fps
  • We customize the product per the customer’s specifications


  1. NVIDIA GPU RTX 3060 or higher
  2. Intel i7 12th gen 14 cores
  3. 8 GB RAM
  4. Windows 10 or higher OS (64-bit)
  5. NVIDIA RTX 2060 or 3050 or higher
  6. Compatible with IP and USB cameras.
TRL 4 Certificate by American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)

The clarifier has been awarded a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 4 certificates from the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) for real-time video clarifier. The ABS certification is a prestigious and exclusive recognition in the maritime industry, awarded only to companies that meet the highest standards of safety and performance. The certification is a testament to Lolaark Vision’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology that enhances the safety and efficiency of underwater operations.

This recognition will help Lolaark Vision to expand its presence in the underwater inspection and operations markets, providing customers with the technology they need to operate safely and efficiently. The ABS certification ensures that Lolaark Vision’s real-time video clarifier has undergone rigorous testing and meets the highest standards for safety, reliability, and performance.

Lolaark Vision Clarifier 1.0 | ABS Certification

Clarifier ABS Demo

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