Happy New Year from Lolaark Vision Inc

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Dear Lolaark Vision partners. The Board of Directors wishes to you and to all of your loved ones a Happy New Year. This is a pivotal year for us. Late in 2022, we started a number of demonstrations of the Lolaark Vision Live Video Clarifier to select groups of marine asset inspectors and naval architects in the Port of Galveston where water visibility is low. The photo above is from one trial on December 6th, 2022. During this trial, we demonstrated the capabilities of the system. Kayla, of the Texas Commercial Diving Inc., was our diver who carried the camera underwater to conduct the trial. She also helped with the collection of performance data and did a remarkable job.

Currently, we are completing the integration of our video clarifier with the license manager software and with the electronic payments system.

We will utilize emails to keep you informed about the company’s progress. Some of those email communications will also be posted as updates on the StartEngine website.

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