Blue Seas in Galveston Anchorage. An Artistic View

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Most of the Gulf of Mexico has seen very little rain during May and June. As a result of this lack of rain areas close to ports such as Galveston, Beaumont, and Freeport are exceptionally less murky. The snapshots below were taken during a ship hull inspection at Galveston anchorage, basically six miles south of the entrance to the Galveston-Houston ship channel.

Blue seas in Galveston Anchorage. An artistic view-Lolaark Vision-Visibility Enhancement-Computer Vision-LolaarkVision

Next, we have a pair of snapshots from a hull inspection of a vessel anchored at the designated anchorage. We show the original snapshots with their Lolaark Vision enhancements. As you can see in one of them the depth is approximately 10 meters or 30 feet. The water has exceptionally good visibility due to the prolonged lack of rain in the more general region.

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