Only 13 Campaigning Days Left. Why Wait to Invest!

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As our campaign comes to its end we want to reiterate why Lolaark Vision is an investment in a company with vision, a solid present, and technological know-how that is hard to find in other companies. It is true that there is a good number of tech startups with great stuff and promising and dedicated people running their core business.

Today, I want to tell you in a nutshell what makes us stand out.

Our tech is just like a swiss knife, a tool that can solve a number of technological problems in video and imaging when cameras and other optical sensors when, due to external conditions, they capture video and photos with a significant lack of clarity. So would you choose to invest in a company with one or two products or in a company with a technology that will set a new standard for imaging and video apps in verticals such as oil and gas, marine asset inspections, delivery drones, security cameras, and autonomous vehicles?

We have a mixed team of software engineers and active researchers with an established publication record, current teaching, and research activity in engineering and mathematics.

Finally, we have a proven record. When this campaign started we had a prototype of the Real-Time Video Clarifier working at 720p. Now we have a mature software suite working at 1080p at 30 frames per second but can even reach 60 frames per second on select machines and is currently being beta tested by the Texas Commercial Diving for underwater video inspections.

Only 13 Campaigning Days Left. Why Wait to Invest!

Last but not least: We have a very low operating and development cost.

Below is a sample showing that night vision is not always bright and clear but Lolaark Vision can make all shadows go away and brighten even the darkest nights.

CrowdFunding Link: https://www.startengine.com/Lolaark

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