LV Crowdfunding Campaign Extension Until September 15th 2022

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Dear Investors and Followers,

As you may have been informed by the previous update posted by StartEngine, we extended our campaign. We will keep this campaign live until September 15th. By that date, we will have completed one year of campaigning. This has been a great year for us. We want to thank you for investing in and favoring our company. We have made very significant progress during the 10 months of our campaign.

On September 18th, 2021 when we started we only had a good working prototype for up to 720p resolutions for real-time video enhancement. That design was promising but it was not scalable. With your investments, and the hard work of the expanded development team we radically redesigned our product to work with 1080p live video at 24 frames per second and we added a lot more functionality to it. At this time we run painstaking tests to evaluate its resiliency and its clarifying power.

At the same time, we also work on a third-party evaluation of our Real-time Video clarifier’s applicability to underwater surveys of marine assets especially when waters are murky. We expect that the third-party product evaluation will coincide with the completion of the tests of our software and the release of our software product for the 1080p resolution live video stream. All these milestones will be achieved just before the end of this last extension of our campaign.

All good things have to come to an end. By September 16th Lolaark Vision, a day after the end of our campaign, LV is expected to be where all businesses should be, in the marketplace starting sales and continuing the development work concentrating on our next big vertical, the unmanned aerial vehicles for search and rescue and surveillance.

We invite all of our followers to join us until our campaign ends. This is the last call for our followers to become investors.

Very few of our recent investors may have received an email from SE requesting reconfirmation of their investment. Please don’t forget to take those few steps to reconfirm your investment.

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